Smith Praises Funding for Summerville Mine Reclamation Project

House Speaker Sam Smith (R-Jefferson, Indiana, Armstrong) said today he is very pleased that more than $330,000 in mine reclamation funds have been awarded to clean up the site of an abandoned mine right outside the Borough of Summerville. 

“The owner of this property approached the Jefferson County Conservation District with a concern about a dangerous high wall on the site,” Smith said.  “That wall is over 1,300 feet high.   It’s good news that work will begin shortly on a project that had been identified as a high priority. I appreciate the local effort that went into securing this funding through the Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation.” 

Abandoned mine reclamation funds are derived from a tax on current coal mining companies to help pay for reclamation of sites that were abandoned by coal operators prior to the current laws, which require reclamation and bonding on mining sites.   

Smith said the overall goal of the project is to reduce the acid mine drainage flows on the property and make it a safer, cleaner environment.  The reclamation work will cover 20 acres. The contract for the work has been awarded to Gearhart Brothers Services from Lancaster.  The surface mine on the property will be backfilled.  The land was originally mined in the 1970s. 

State Representative Sam Smith
The Speaker
66th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Kelly Fedeli

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